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Search Engine Ranking

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  To have your web site optimised for the search engines means to attempt to have a high placement in the search engines. VantageX has a variety of top SEO packages including:



SEO Partner DOMINATION Service Pack is the ideal way to outsource traffic and SEO services to our highly trained team. Each MONTH we deliver you a massive quantity of inbound links using:
– 200 Manual Search Engine Submission
– 4 Original Written Articles
– 100 Manual Article Submissions
– 1000 Automated Article Submission
– 10 One-Way Backlinks
– 1 Press Release
– 30 Manual Press Release Submission
– 50 Social Bookmarking
– 5 Social Networking
– 20 Social Groups
– 1 Video Marketing
– 20 Wiki Sites
– 5 Link Directories
– 20 Blog Commenting
– 10 Forum Marketing Posts
– We will utilize some Facebook marketing with our own
– We will create Squidoo pages and Hubpages and interlink them for youaccounts
– and blogs linking to main domain and sub-pages
– We ping 90 sites for each new web property…
– We will also provide you with an SEO Report each month.

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Vantage x SEO Strategy

Search engines have two listing types, organic (naturally populating sites) and paid listings which are often called "sponsored links".  You can see these sponsored links on the right hand side of Google search engine.

Organic Listings

Organic listings are typically those listings found in the main (middle) column of the search engine.  The purpose of increasing your website’s search engine optimisation is to increase the ‘ranking’ within the organic listings therefore placing the site in a better position than competing sites.  This is shown by page ranking.  

Spider driven search engines use "robots" or "crawlers" to score websites using a complicated algorithm to determine how relevant the page is to the search.  These search engines include Google, Yahoo! and MSN and the score includes hundreds of variables including page links, popularity, relevance, density, HTML, freshness of content, text phrases  Search engines like Google have billions of pages indexed with thousands added every day.  The complex algorithms can also be improved by Google which in turn requires new SEO approaches.

Paid Listings

Paid adverts are typically shown at the top and to the right hand side of the search results page, the businesses that place adverts here bid on keyword phrases and pay a small fee each time someone clicks or views their advert. The higher the bid the higher the ranking of the advert, the more budget used per day the more times the advert may be seen, the better the keyword relevance the more cost efficient the campaign.

A comprehensive search engine campaign may include a variety of adverts, websites and keywords used and results can be instant.

Harlan Marriott, owner of Vantage X has strategically managed Google & similar paid listings for almost 10 years with budgets from $100 – $100,000 managing campaigns for companies in the UK, US and Australia. Paid listings require a carefully planned strategy to ensure maximum return on investment and ensure minimisation of budget blow outs.

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