Customer Communication

How to increase your customer base, boost current customer sales and make more profit for less work….

Customer acquisition and retention strategies are vital in any business.  You need to acquire customers and retain their interest and loyalty to your company and/or products.  There are a variety of brand strategies that can be developed but there is also one basic and important strategy….customer communication. 

Using websites as a sales channel example, it’s vital that you capture as many visitors to your site as possible, this can be achieved in a variety of ways including the development of an opt in box, usually with the offer of an item of value relevant to that market.  Free reports, limited time discounts or added value products are all examples of this. 

Your Automatic Angels  – Email Database Tools

By using our customer capture software you can build a database and automatically have a sequence of messages sent to potential customers. Database systems are set up to do the work for you, instantly sending timed email responses to any new or existing visitors.


  • Create Profitable Customer Relationships
  • Professionally Sign Up New Potential customers
  • Manage Subscribers
  • Create Newsletters and blog posts
  • Save Time with Auto responders
  • Deliver Emails that WOW your customers
  • Expert Customer Support

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We use AWeber for most of our clients

Gmails priority inbox attempts to simplify and automate your busy inboxes to enable you to quickly prioritise your emails by figuring out which senders emails are important to you based on your past interaction with those users.  Check the video out.